Why Career Conversations Are Important

Imagine a company culture where everyone speaks freely about their career plans.  Where frequent, high impact career conversations with managers, career stakeholders, colleagues and peers are the norm.  Where everyone around you is onboard with this openness, and interested in supporting you achieve your long-term career goals.  Where you feel valued and recognized regularly.

Barclays is a company that believes in this culture.  Pathspark is dedicated to making it a reality.

The obligatory annual review as the only means to discuss career growth is a thing of the past.  It leads to employee dissatisfaction and ultimately employee turnover, having both a negative impact on the individual, and creating increased costs for the organization.

Frequent career conversations lead to high impact results:

Your Pathspark Coach is here to encourage you to have frequent career conversations with your manager about what you want, need and deserve to continue to thrive at Barclays.  

For the Company

  • Employee retention

  • Strong company culture with shared values among employees

  • Cost savings

For the Employee

  • Promotions & salary increases

  • Departmental transfers to align goals

  • Long-lasting support and recognition within your organization

  • Deep-rooted satisfaction

Practice your conversations with your coach to:

  • Gain the confidence to go for what you want

  • Know what to say and how to say it

  • Deliver an impactful message time after time

  • Simply practice the art of disclosing your hopes and dreams

When we engage in career conversations infrequently, there’s simply no opportunity to develop that trust, confidence and safe space to really go for what we want.

At Pathspark, we’re dedicated to supporting you in having frequent, high impact career conversations with your leadership team, managers and peers.  When you start putting your goals on the table they tend to come true.