For Companies


Pathspark is a human capital management platform designed to empower Aladdin to invest in its most valuable asset: people. Pathspark’s network of independent experts and digital conversation tools collect a unique data set on employees through personalized coaching. By applying deep insights and analysis, Pathspark can more effectively drive individual and team performance at scale.

How it Works

Employees get video coaching and career development from vetted independent experts.

User insights are shared with experts, selected career stakeholders and Pathspark’s text message bot generates data for a personal tool.

Leadership receives reporting and analysis on 7 expert, 12 career stakeholder and 24 bot conversations per user.

For Employees

How it Works

You get 7 one-hour conversations with a career expert custom-matched to your needs from our vetted network.

Expert video conversations occur bi-weekly over 90 days from first meeting.

You are then tasked to select and engage 12 other people, your chosen career stakeholders, in conversations between your scheduled expert ones.

Pathspark’s new messaging bot sends 3 times weekly SMS texts to capture your insights for a personal insight tool.

Leadership gets reporting on your engagement, not conversation details.

Getting Started

Step 1: You will receive an email to the address you indicated with full onboarding instructions

Step 2: The email asks you to complete a short survey to match you to the best expert and a career needs survey

Step 3: Pathspark will suggest an expert to meet for a 15 minute call 

Step 4: Confirm your expert and preliminarily schedule all 7 expert conversations to start