Accountably: Goal Achievement Program


12 Weeks, 8 Strategy Sessions, and 1 Big Goal: Done!

You can achieve your Big Goals using an accountability system paired with an expert advisor to safeguard progress. While performance and satisfaction both improve by committing to a goal with another person, success improves by nearly 95% when a person regularly shares progress with others.

Accountably is a proprietary system for goal progress developed by the expert team at Pathspark. This distinctive approach to accountability uses product management techniques practiced by large and growing technology companies, such as progress reviews, Key Performance Indicators, and SMART goals. Tracking and sharing progress is an easy, tech-enabled experience while personalized goal-strategy consultations remain wholly human.

Accountably in Action

  • Accountably works when you complete a guided self-review process each week in an expert-led goal strategy session

  • Your advisor guides you to identify 3 high-impact deliverables for the upcoming week to make progress on your Big Goal

  • You get daily digital reminders to complete your deliverables and track progress with messaging support from your advisor

Delivered by an Expert Coach and McKinsey Alum

Anastasia Alt, Founder of Pathspark

“Accountably is the result of my years spent shipping new products as an entrepreneur and coaching dozens of clients who now say their results reflect their dreams & abilities.”

Anastasia Alt, Coach & Co-Founder of Pathspark

Anastasia Alt is a professional coach, a former McKinsey project leader and the Founder of Pathspark. She developed the Accountably method through years of study and experience coaching executive clients and Fortune 500 customers to achieve their business and personal goals. Now, she’s offering Accountably to help creative professionals achieve their dreams and master accountability in their lives.

A 12-Week Program Starting May 15

This 12-week experience is limited to 12 clients and begins May 15. It includes 8 one-hour strategy sessions, customized digital reminders for weekly deliverables, and messaging support with your advisor between scheduled sessions.

You can schedule a free, 30-minute video call with Anastasia below to discuss your goals and how Accountably can support you to achieve them.