What is Pathspark Coaching?

At Pathspark, we believe coaching is a necessary tool to uncover and pursue your most meaningful career path.

Our coaches will help you gain the confidence to ask for what you want and create a career plan that is right for you.

Through ongoing, confidential career conversations, you’ll have the courage to not only set goals, but to actually pursue them, all with the support of your management team. We’ll give you the tools you need to have frequent, high impact career conversations that will lead to the career of your dreams.

Safe Space

Coaching is a safe space where you spend an hour every other week focusing on YOU. It’s that dedicated support over a 90-day period that can make all the impact in your career.

What Pathspark Coaching is Not

Pathspark coaching is not therapy. Coaches from Pathspark use a forward thinking approach to support you on your path. Emotions will inevitably come up, and you can expect your coach to treat those emotions with awareness, curiosity and support to help you uncover your inner strength, courage and career dreams

Your coach will never:

  • Diagnose or treat you for any underlying mental health issue

Your coach will always:

  • Encourage you to look ahead at what’s next

  • Bring your inner strength to the forefront

  • Hold you accountable

  • Champion you

  • Give you a glimpse of who you are now and all that’s possible for you in the future

How is a Coaching Relationship Formed to Flow Effectively?

An effective coaching relationship requires confidentiality, trust, and a safe, judgement-free space to honestly open up with YOURSELF and your coach.

Through an initial 15-minute phone conversation, you’ll get to know who your coach is, and how you’ll work together. From there, you’ll schedule your first 60-minute discovery call, followed by your six remaining 50-minute sessions.

During your discovery call, your coach will learn all about who you are now and where you see yourself going.  Your coach may ask about your history to gain an understanding of where you’re coming from, though the focus is always on how your coach can support you in where you want to be.

Who are our Coaches?

Our coaches come from a wide-variety of coaching backgrounds and experiences to serve as your champion as you discover your true strengths and gain the courage to take next steps.